Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Following in the Slow Food Footsteps

I recently had the opportunity to talk with the owner of The Bobbin, a sewing and craft lounge in Burlington VT about her business and her perspective on the DIY craft movement. She had this to say about the craft movement:"Personally I think of this movement as similar to the local food movement and where they were at 10 years ago. Now we have have a big consciousness about eating local, buying local, my kids know the names of their farmer, they been to the farm where their veggies are grown. There is that level of awareness that we would really love to see with our clothing."

I agree!

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  1. I've had many thoughts on the resurgence of the DIY home sewing trend. Can you imagine a future where we personally know the people who make our clothes as we can now have relationships with the people who grow our food? When I think of peak oil and the increasing cost and difficulty of transporting goods to cities...I imagine a world that emerges out of necessity, where you take all of your old clothes to a sustainable tailor/seamstress who will re-imagine and create a new wardrobe for you.