Sunday, October 17, 2010

Trailer for ReMade: The Rebirth of the Maker Movement

"There are so many things in our lives that we don't have control over and sometimes we feel like we don't have a say in our lives, but if you can take control over a little bit like growing your own food, or making your own clothes, or your own furniture, you are getting back a little of that control and sense of self ethicacy"

ReMade: The Rebirth of the Maker Movement (1st Trailer) from Electromagnate on Vimeo.

Electromagnate is a group of "hackerspace members" who have set out to share the story of the DIY and maker movement. I just learned of this new documentary project called ReMade focusing on current DIY communities, how these hackers are sharing and educating, and how innovation has changed over history. "The collective work and ideas of the creative people in the
DIY movement are opening a new world of inventiveness and creativity…of making that could very well change the way production occurs on a worldwide scale."

"You start seeing kids learn how to make things and be empowered and instead of thinking 'where am I going to buy that' they think 'uh, i wonder if I can make that'"

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