Tuesday, December 14, 2010


There is a term out there that is new to me that a friend recently shared with me: Craftivism = Activism + Craft. Wikipedia has defined craftivism as "a form of activism, typically incorporating elements of anti-capitalism, environmentalism or third-wave feminism, that is centered around practices of craft- most notably knitting. Practitioners are known as craftivists."

I think anytime you make something yourself it is a form of craftivism because a statement is being made, whether it is to purposefully avoid supporting "the man," or just ackowledging you can add more value to a product. Any one item you can make that avoids supporting a larger mass-production operation is craftivism.

Read more about the topic here:
An article on Treehugger.Com


  1. Yes! I'm always looking for ways to engage in craftivism. I can see another side of craftivism that isn't really talked about-skill sharing for free. Teach someone a craft or skill that will enable them to go farther towards self-reliance. That'll show the man!

  2. A great new way to stand up for your everyday principles.

    Some people like the reactionary component (being against something). For myself, I want to do things I like doing that support the type of lifestyle I enjoy and that feeds me. The best forms of activism is when my natural activities provide contrast to cultural norms I really dislike, showing those around me that there is another way.